John Hattendorf’s latest edited volume — "U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1970s: Selected Documents"  — has just been posted in .pdf format on the Naval War College’s website. It is currently at the printer and hard copies will be available at a date to be announced.

This new 1970s volume reproduces 5 documents verbatim and provides short explanatory, annotated texts regarding each document and the decade as a whole.

Documents reproduced include:
– ADM Zumwalt’s "Project SIXTY" (declassified)
– ADM Turner’s "Missions of the U.S. Navy"
– ADM Holloway’s "Strategic Concepts for the U.S. Navy (NWP 1 (Rev. A))
– SECNAV Claytor’s "SEA PLAN 2000" (UNCLAS Executive Summary)
– ADM Hayward’s "The Future of U.S. Sea Power" (UNCLAS version)

The 1970s volume is the third in the series, published by the Naval War College Press as "Newport Papers." For the earlier volumes, see:

** "U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1990s: Selected Documents"

** "The Evolution of the U.S. Navy’s Maritime Strategy, 1977-1986"

A fourth volume, "U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1980s: Selected Documents," is in production.  This volume will contain verbatim texts, with illustrations, of the various SECRET (declassified) and unclassified versions of "The Maritime Strategy" published by the US Navy during the Reagan Administration.

Drafts of a related Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) study have been available for the past two years. They formed a basis for the Naval War College’s work. That study is scheduled for completion in 2008.
** The most recent draft is "US Navy Capstone Strategies & Concepts (1970-2007)," available on the CNA website


  1. YNSN

    This is fantastic, thank you so much for the research you’ve done. I can’t wait to start reading this. Major BZ to you Sir.

  2. Steeljawscribe

    Thanks — be sure to stop by the Virtual Library and check out what we’ve got posted there as well. Am usually able to add a couple of new documents each night…
    – SJS

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