In keeping with the memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis which was 45 years ago this past week, a couple of video reminders, the first from Hollywood’s take (See last week for the real story. ):

And what was risked…


Oh, and a little over one year previous to the Cuban Missile Crisis, but also in October:


  1. Thanks for the vids, SJS…especially the latter two. As a member of the “duck and cover” generation 😯 I remember those types of vids all TOO well. And I also remember The Ol’ Man invoking the cynical but all-too-true “kiss your ass good-bye” comment when I told him about our little “crawl under the desk” exercises in grade school. Vividly.

  2. Steeljawscribe

    Ditto — especially with SAC HQ a few miles down the road from us…
    – SJS

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