And so it begins…

 “This report seeks to provoke thoughtful public discussion about a vitally important question: how do we keep America strong and safe in a complex 21st-century national security environment?” – Rep. Jim Cooper

“Unlike many Congressional reports, we have raised contentious issues and resisted the temptation to find easy, lowest-common-denominator solutions. My fellow panel members and I don’t agree with every idea in the Roles and Missions Panel report, but we believe the questions it raises must be answered. It’s time to start a conversation—not just in Washington, but across America—about rethinking national security.” -Rep. Phil Gingrey. 

"Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war". – William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

The report may be found and downloaded here.  We will forestall on commentary for now as we are reviewing the work along with another document which will be published tomorrow on the Maritime Strategy.  Both of which, however, will serve to kick-off a new round of discussion/debate the following week on the future of the maritime services in general and the Navy in particular.  Hang on — it’s going to be …interesting… around these parts for the next few weeks…

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