Just stop whatever you’re doing or wheresoever you may be randomly surfing to and go over to Xformed’s site for this compelling read.

If ever here was a case study for how the ‘net narrows that six degrees of separation, this is it. A narrative that started out a couple of years ago by Xformed that had a comment left by one of the SH-3 pilots at the scene who said all was not what the official reports made it seem to be — and then the best part, when the (then) XO of Bonefish is reached and he provides an eyewitness narrative. We’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced similar revelations here as well.

But enough already — you have tarried too long. Go. Read. And then come back. We’ll get to the post on Missile Defense 101 and radar in due course.



  1. Jim was the AW in the back of the H-3 hanging his face out into the smoke to rescue his shipmates from the disaster. His lunch meeting with me provided a lot of insight into how difficult his crew had it hovering for 2 hours, stressing the bird almost to the limit.

    The comment by FT2(SS) Baker revealed Lt Everts did something very courageous, which cost him his life, but saved many. Had it not been for him stumbling upon last years post, that fact might be lost to history…six degrees and connections….

  2. I tried both links SJS… and they don’t work. I managed to manually figure out the issue… you got your “href’s” embedded in the link, somehow. Thought you’d wanna know…

    Now to continue reading…

  3. Steeljawscribe

    Thanks for the heads-up Buck — links fixed now, but it was definitely something funky going on…
    – SJS

  4. Another AW1

    Definitely a small world.

    Did the LT who passed away get any recognition for his heroic action? Gave his life for his shipmates.

  5. Im a decendant of Thomas F. Williams. My great great uncle was a very brave man and i wish i knew him. I have been searching for pictures of him but there are none!! I just wanted to bless all of the surving Sailers and ship mates! And also bless all of the men that had died. I cant wait till im 18 so i can join the freikn Navy!!
    In memory of
    🙄 Thomas Williams

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