Skippy can provide a learned dissertation on the various forms of “Good-bye” one encounters in the Japanese language, but he will tell you that the one with a note of finality about it is “Sayonara.”


YOKOSUKA, Japan (May 28, 2008) The aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) departs Yokosuka, Japan for the final time May, 28, 2008. Kitty Hawk, the oldest carrier in the U.S. Navy and the only conventional-powered aircraft carrier, will be replaced this summer by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). Kitty Hawk has operated from Fleet Activities Yokosuka since 1998, when it replaced the USS Independence (CV 62). About 900 Kitty Hawk Sailors will be returning to Japan aboard George Washington in the coming months; the remainder of the crew will either transfer or help decommission Kitty Hawk in early 2009. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kyle D. Gahlau (Released)




    Sorry to see her go to the boneyard. I did the Around the World cruise in 1987 as a member of Attack Squadron 147(got that Lex). It was a good trip. We got to do the Ditch and break in a ton of new Shellbacks. Watching WestPac guys at the beaches in Mallorca was a lot of fun. They weren’t used to girls from that part of the world in next to nothing.
    I did the shakedown on the GW in VAQ-140 about a year before I retired. I finally discovered why I never took orders to a PreCom.

  2. Eivind Bjarnoll

    I came from Norway and i 1987 i visit Mallorca in Spain for a hollyday together with some frends than USS KITTY HAWK show up, it was a fantasitc ship we saw thre ! We become frends with some of the crue, and one of the cruemember gave me his caps from the ship as a memorie from that summer. Since that summer I allways think about the fantastic skip and the cap is still in my office. US KITTI HAWK CV – 63.

    Just now im looking on TV for the US elecsion. Have a good night !

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