…in choosing a swampy, fetid pit of humours to locate the nation’s capitol was prescient – before air-conditioning.  It had to be since days like the last few (heat index +130 deg F) drove Congress and the balance of the ruling class out of town and in so doing, protected the rest of the country from the excesses of legislation.  Wonder what would happen if we mandated that the Capitol and associated House and Senate office buildings be un-airconditioned (all in the interest of a greener Earth, you know)?

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  1. Davec

    I worked on Capitol Hill for many years. For a short time there was a cross stiched sampler in the House Republican Cloakroom (a place where Members can hang out) that said “The Republic is never more in danger than when the Congress is assembled.”

    As a further comment, until air conditioning was installed on Capitol Hill (1938 0r 39) Congress was never is session beyond July 4th. Once the place became air conditioned the Congress has become a year around undertaking.

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