One of the all time great things about writing a blog is the mail one gets offline – some genuinely interesting stuff comes our way that we may have missed out on in the comings and goings of a standard day.  The Flightdeck Fridays in particular generate more than their fair share of folks sharing interesting tidbits (like Tomy Thomason providing a schematic of a two-seat F-8 or the Skystreak III) or sea/shore stories (thanks again Sid!).  So today we opened the ol’ mailbox to find a missive from Steve Blank, via YouTube, of a presentation on the secret history of Silicon Valley.

What, you say you know it already?  Not so fast grasshopper – check out this presentation, especially the discussion of early EW (Southern Air Pirate should get a kick out of that).



h/t Steve


  1. SJBill

    Thx, SJS-

    Just excellent! Could only watch the first few minutes here at the workplace.

    I will drive past a few of these “things” on my way to home where I will start over with my family.


  2. Incredible…and to think the veil has been over all this stuff all these years. In all the reading I have done, and the vets I have known, not a words of this has ever crossed my path.

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