So Hanna arrived and dumped 12+ inches in a little over 8 hours:

We’re under one of the red spots…(wx station at nearby school reporting 26.8″ – can’t be right…)

Between rain bands…

The Good:

  • Didn’t have to mow the lawn
  • Half the SJS fleet got a brushless car wash
  • PMS for 7-year old sump pump op-checked good (Byron & Phib ought to approve)
  • Cleared most of the reading pile
  • Finally installed the new printer (MAC = easy)
  • The Bad:

  • Still have to mow the lawn
  • Standing by w/bucket brigade if power went out (it didn’t)
  • Rain masked SAT TV (but OTA was just fine)
  • Citadel still lost to Clemson 😕
  • Still have the heavy reading material to finish
  • Windows PCs (see printer installation)
  • & The Ugly: