So ol’ blue, the long suffering wireless router finally gave up the ghost and we replaced it with a Linksys WRT610n and while the installation and setup was not exactly painless, it was relatively straightforward, until it was time to start bringing the computers back into the net.  Now the legacy Win2K and XP machines and the Mac all lept right back into the fray, with no problem.  The Vista laptop, which, naturally, was the primary machine for SWMBO (more like SWDWBBO…)  – not so.

Did you know if you go do a search in the plethora of fora dedicated to Vista “help,” M$ supported and not, the most common phrase found is “…I don’t know what I did but it finally is fixed;” usually found at the end of several pages of threaded discussion with all sorts of useful, and not so, help.

Six hours later the offending laptop is fixed – and I swear by The-Powers-That-Be, I honestly don’t know what fixed it…


  1. AVCM Thomas Cantrell (AW) Ret.

    Amen to the amazing depth of things Vista that defy any logical troubleshooting or repair procedures. The more you try the worse it gets, kind of like trying to repair the radome on an EA-3B Skywarrior. Sometimes you just gotta heave it over the side.

  2. Just got a Dell laptop…VHP on it. I swear, with 3GB RAM and a 2G processor it sucks…badly.

    MaximumPC , Oct 08 issues: MS says Vista a big failure and accelerating Windows 7…

  3. I fixed my wife’s Vista machine by disabling the Vista firewall. Of course I also enabled the encryption features. But there you have it.

    Before the firewall disabling, the connection was very spotty. My wife frequently rebooted the machine. After the disabling, there was no spotty connection. It comes up right away.

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