So we’ve been dragging our feet on this series for one of a number of reasons (some minor, some of import, one of which we hope to be able to announce in the near future) and have fallen behind.  Next on the schedule was the BVR discussion (Beyond Visual Range) and it was while doing some research for that topic that we stumbled across the following videos.  Lex also notes the same with germane commentary.  As a refresher, we provide a link to the RAND study in question.

Interesting couple of videos here.  No neat maneuvering jets or poster shots.  Just a professional talking the trade to fellow professionals.  Pat attention – there are lots of interesting nuggets in there about what many consider to be the most capable fighter out there not wearing US colors – the Su-30MkI.  Defearting an enemy with thrust-vectoring jets, AESA vs ESA, jamming – even susceptibility to FOD. And for my Hummer buds (and AWACS controllers) listen up when he starts talking about the Bison, this is directed as much at the controllers as the fighters…




“F-22 doesn’t carry enough missiles – we’re going to have to close to guns…”

Comments re. F-35 near the end of video 2 are — telling.


  1. B.Smitty

    Great find SJS. Interesting to hear the US side of Cope India and the capabilities of the Su-30MKI.

    Also interesting to hear the comments about the French

    IMHO, we need more Raptors. It’s as simple as that.

  2. SJBill

    There’s more from Steve Trimble on this Red Flag:


  3. If the USAF sticks with the F-35, then they won’t have the funds to pay for a new air-to-air missile program to fix the problem he mentioned w/ AMRAAM.

    If that’s the case, then the USAF will have to depend on the USNavy to initiate a new air to air missile program. Besides, the USN is more honest than the USAF regarding F-35’s air to air limitations, and has been lobbying for a Phoenix replacement for forever.

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