Every so often we receive a note via the comments section that sort of underscores our meager efforts – sometimes its a nugget of info not found elsewhere, a tip or lead that takes us on a new path and sometimes we connect with those whose forebears had a role in the history of which we write.  Not long ago, for example, while researching a returned MIA from WWII who was a P-38 pilot lost in an extraordinary fight (outnumbered almost 3:1), we were contacted by the historian for the 474th Fighter Group who provided the meat of a fascinating Flightdeck Friday with his insight into the case (and Gary – thanks again for both your story and your role in the recovery of Lt. Packard).

Today, following Veteran’s Day, we received a notable comment on the Flightdeck Friday that touched on the 5th Air Force’s actions in the Southwest Pacific, to wit – their development of the tactic of skip bombing.  Don Warren, son of WWII veteran and B-17 crewman Tech Sgt James Warren was the correspondent.  Now, those who know me know that the B-17 has always had a fond spot and to read the descriptions of wavetop attacks by these aircraft, originally designed to do pickle barrel bombing from above 20,000 ft, well, it takes big steely ones.

We’d like to think that in some small way these posts promote due honor to these and other warriors by keeping alive their experiences, their sacrifices year ’round.  And in so doing, offer our thanks to the Gary Kochs ad Don Warrens for stopping by and expanding our aperture on their world and that of their forefathers.