We’re back – the apprentices returned to their shackles desks and as Lex suggests, time to twist the knife.  In that spirit (friendly competition of course) we will provide a daily feature until the end of the competition to provide an educational experience for the others – specifically team Chair Air Force Said service will provide a nugget of naval and/or naval aviation history for the day in question as well as another highlight for Valour-IT.  And before proceeding a serious tip of the hat and salute to Prudent Publishing for a major donation to Valour-IT via Team Navy.  So for today, 16 November:

16 November 1927: Saratoga, first carrier and fifth ship of the Navy to bear the name, was placed in commission at Camden, N.J., Captain H. E. Yarnell commanding.  USS Saratoga, a 33,000-ton aircraft carrier, was converted from the battle cruiser Saratoga (CC-3) while under construction at Camden, New Jersey. Commissioned in November 1927, as the second of the Navy’s initial pair of fully capable aircraft carriers, Saratoga spent the years before World War II taking part in exercises, training aviators and generally contributing to the development of carrier techniques and doctrine. She was in the Pacific when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 and took part in the abortive Wake Island relief expedition later in that month. While operating in the Hawaiian area on 11 January 1942, she was struck by a torpedo from a Japanese submarine, necessitating several months of repairs, during which her eight-inch guns were replaced by the more useful 5″/38 dual purpose type.  More at: Naval History Center)

Valour-IT and Wii technology:

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