17 Nov 1924–Langley reported for duty with the Battle Fleet, thereby ending over 2 years in experimental status and becoming the first operational aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy. On 1 December she also became the flagship of Aircraft Squadrons, Battle Fleet.

Valour-IT Fundrainsing Update (through 14 Nov):

Here are the official totals through Day 4, November 14 (again, these may be larger than the widget totals at that time, for reasons outlined here).

In this coming week we’ll need to reach out strongly beyond the milblogs in order to draw in other people. We’ll have some posts and resources up soon to help people spread the word.

Due to the $10,000 donation Navy received, we are averaging well over $100 per donor. However, when we remove the large donation, that goes down significantly. But it’s still significantly above the past averages for this competition. That means that the under-$100 donors are fewer than usual. This is a challenge, as the donations of $25 and $50 add up quickly and are the foundation of Valour-IT’s donors.

So, let’s get out the message that every little bit really does help. We still have over ten days to go, and it all adds up…

Total Donors Total Raised

Air Force 49 3617
Army 127 11,637
Coast Guard 11 725
Marines 57 3630
Navy 70 16,624
Unaffiliated 23 2910
TOTAL 337 39,143