TBF Avenger

13-19 Nov 1943: Army and Navy aircraft of Task Force 57 (Rear Admiral J. H. Hoover), based on islands of the Ellice, Phoenix, and Samoan Groups and on Baker Island, conducted long-range night bombing attacks on Japanese bases in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands as a preliminary to the invasion of the Gilberts. (ed: If you haven’t et, you need to read the account of this first night, radar bombing/low-level attack in “The Big ‘E'” by Edward Stafford.  This was clearly the result of a far-sighted VT skipper who early on saw the value of radar combined with the big payload and long-range of the TBF Avenger – let’s talk a bit about a warrior ethos and spirit of attack, eh? – SJS)


Apollo 12

1969 – Navy astronauts CDR Charles Conrad Jr. and CDR Alan L. Bean are 3rd and 4th men to walk on the moon. They were part of Apollo 12 mission. CDR Richard F. Gordon, Jr., the Command Module Pilot, remained in lunar orbit. During the mission lasting 19 days, 4 hours, and 36 minutes, the astronauts recovered 243 lbs of lunar material. Recovery by HS-4 helicopters from USS Hornet (CVS-12). (ed: Two years later, we had the distinct honor of meeting “Pete” Conrad in person, who was every bit the voluable, animated and fun-loving persona in private as he was in public. – SJS)


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