bush11,000 tons gross displacement.  622.5 ft long. 45 aircraft – that was the USS San Jacinto (CVL 30).  Sixty-five years ago, on a September morning, a young naval aviator launched his Grumman TBF Avenger from her deck on a mission to strike facilities at Chi Chi Jima.  Forty-five years later he was raising his hand, taking the oath of office as the 41st President of the United States – and today, he was witness to the commissioning of the 77th carrier and last of the Nimitz-class carriers:




God bless all those who sail in her…


  1. Um, no matter how you add it up, it ain’t the 77th carrier. It ain’t even the 77th fleet carrier.

  2. Steeljawscribe

    Well…like many things these days it all depends on what and how you count:
    CV-1: Langley
    CV-2: Lexington
    CV-3: Saratoga
    CV-4: Ranger
    CV-5: Yorktown
    CV-6: Enterprise
    CV-7: Wasp
    CV-8: Hornet
    CV-9: Essex
    CV-10: Yorktown
    CV-11: Intrepid
    CV-12: Hornet
    CV-13: Franklin
    CV-14: Ticonderoga
    CV-15: Randolph
    CV-16: Lexington
    CV-17: Bunker Hill
    CV-18: Wasp
    CV-19: Hancock
    CV-20: Bennington
    CV-21: Boxer
    CV-22: Independence
    CV-23: Princeton
    CV-24: Belleau Wood
    CV-25: Cowpens
    CV-26: Monterey
    CVL-27: Langley
    CVL-28: Cabot
    CVL-29: Bataan
    CVL-30 San Jacinto
    CV-31: Bonnie Dick
    CV-32: Leyte
    CV-33: Kearsarge
    CV-34: Oriskany
    CV-35: Reprisal (cnx 12 Aug 45)
    CV-36: Antietam
    CV-37: Princeton
    CV-38: Shangri-la
    CV-39: Lake Champlain
    CV-40: Tarawa

  3. Steeljawscribe

    (continued from above)
    CV-41: Midway
    CV-42: FDR
    CV-43: Coal Sea
    CVB-44: Unnamed – construction cnx’d 11 Jan 43
    CV-45: Valley Forge
    CV-46: Iwo Jima
    CV-47: Philippine Sea
    CVL-48: Saipan
    CVL-49: Wright
    CV-50 through 55: Construction cnx’d 27 Mar 45
    CVB-56 & 57: Construction cnx’d 28 Mar 45
    CV-58: United States (cnx’d 23 April 49)
    CVA-59: Forrestal
    CVA-60 Saratoga
    CVA-61: Ranger
    CVA-62: Independence
    CVA-63: Kitty Hawk
    CVA-64: Constellation
    CVA(N)-65: Enterprise
    CVA-66: America
    CVA-67: JFK
    CVA(N)-68: Nimitz
    CVA(N)-69: Ike
    CVA(N)-70: Vinson
    CVN-71: TR
    CVN-72: Lincoln
    CVN-73: Washington
    CVN-74: Stennis
    CVN-75: Truman
    CVN-76: Reagan
    CVN-77: GWHB
    CVN-78: Ford


    May GOD bless her and her crew

  5. Joel

    I’m glad you enjoyed my pic. It was an amazing day and is an amazing ship.

  6. Richard Pearsall

    TOO bad she is named George H.W. Bush.
    Rich long ago V1T ABM

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