… we (Team Navy) are in deep bat guano where public perceptions are concerned:

021009-N-8590B-005See especially slides 17-21 for recruiter’s challenge:

  •  ” If you were just turning 18 and had to spend two years in the Service, which branch would you prefer to join?” AF: 37  Navy: 20 Army: 15  CG: 14

Marines: 14. 

Slides 3-7 aren’t exactly a bed of rose either.  Mayhaps the Navy might want to work its message a little harder outside  the cloistered “Conversations With America” while spending less time/effort/manpower on contrived “ethos” statements? 

Of course leadership could just shut its eyes, click its heels and say “it’s only a poll – it’s only a poll…”  Just don’t think these results aren’t going to have some bearing in the coming budgetary knife fights on the Hill and in the 5-sided wind tunnel…


  1. Thomas Barton, J.D.

    😯 The U.S. Navy is constantly personified on TV shows on the various cable outlets and the Network News as the Carrier Battle Group service. This has been quiescent in large terms since the 2003 end to the Iraqi Annihilation Extravaganza . If your product is largely not operational in the public mind as that public mind has been conditioned to view it then there should be no shock and awe at the low ratings given the service by a Gallup Poll. Also the shrinking fleet numbers and the huge price tags for even one replacement ship are not productive in the civilian mind of confidence and forward-looking leadership. As a Devil Dog it is heartening to know that slimy civilians reckon the Corps 5 X more potent than even the most AJ SQUARED AWAY SQUID !

  2. butch

    Whole lotta hypocrisy among the survaey participants.

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