asbm-china-internetThose dinosaurs amongst us remember them from another age – the ghostly lines that arced out from the geopolitical heartland of the Soviet Union.  Head east from Norfolk or west from Pearl or San Diego and you’d trip the first one, established by the orbiting EORSAT and RORSATs, pricking interest in command centers back in Moscow and the various military districts.  Trip another and you gained a fellow traveler – be it an AGI disguised as a trawler, an AGI disguised as an AGI, or an SSGN with a load of heavy, long range ASCMs.  Trip another and the long-range assets would reach-out from their northern bases to find you.  Trip yet another and the AGI was replaced with something a little more sinister – Mod Kashin, Krivak, or Sovremenny.  Get real close to the tender vittles, and you had a lot of company letting you know they knew you were there and that they weren’t happy about it.  Do it all in EMCON and the paranoia on the other side of the Iron Curtain jumped perceptibly.

But that’s all in the past, right?

Study the illustration below – all of you entering flight school this spring, headed off to basic training, at Great Lakes, SWOS D-head school, SSN PCO school; this is your future to deal with, to engage and overcome:


Start here to learn more…Read and heed.


  1. The Economist has a good article on how China views the world out.

  2. Surfcaster

    PDF File not working, reader states file damaged

  3. SB

    same problem as Surfcaster . . .

  4. Fixed – they changed the link. Thx for the heads-up 🙂 Document should auto-download once you select.
    – SJS

  5. SJS, I can’t seem to find your email on this page. In re: our discussion over at ID on the Chinese ASBM and limited deterence, I’d love to explore it further.

    Please contact me at xbradtc at yahoo dot com



  6. SJS,

    Defenselink is blocking me because I’m here behind the Bamboo Curtain in Beijing. Any idea where this report is parked off of a DoD website so I might grab it?



  7. Ling Jee Ming

    In 1962 Kennedy said any missile launched from Cuba on US territory required a US response on the Soviet Union.A US 7 fleet based in the pacific ocean could be used to attack China in a war. The Chinese aint going to keep mum.
    It will require a PLA response on the US mainland not at the moment until the firepower has increased in the years.But nevertheless it will give pause to any US president tempted to strike China.The PLA is no more the PLA of the 50s or 1996.

  8. Ling:

    Indeed – some of us have been saying that for sometime now. (ref. PLA of ’50s or 1996).
    – SJS

  9. Ling Jee Ming

    The Pla of the 50s and 1996.Indeed if anyones cares to read the secret files available under thefreedom of Information act, the US has threatened China with nuclear attack the last fifty years.
    Obviously the PLA aint going to keep still.Yes ina showdown the US will prevail or win if you like. But it aint going to be like the ones in the Iraq and kosovo campaign. The Chinese will make the uS pay an exorbitant price or unacceptable damage. Of course China could cease to exist but he US could could be 50% destroyed.Hence the need for the missile shield for damage limitation.It’s futile hope. The PLA will only add more missiles.

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