(Barely 30 days on the market – thanks Pat, Susan and Valerie, you guys rock!)

It’s been a hectic month;  between a decidedly ramped up optempo at work, courtesy our North Asia buds, writing and submitting the BMD chapter for a forthcoming book and putting the house on the market.

Did we mention that we were doing so in the county that is Ground Zero for the highest foreclosure rate in the nation?

When we moved up here in ’01, a promise was made to Mrs. Scribe that when the last of the scribets graduated HS, we’d move where she wanted (within reasonable commute distance that is).  Well, Dash-3 walks the stage this June 5479789and it so happens we found a place in the western part of the county we were very much taken with.  Helps too that the prices have come down from the stratosphere.  Nice little neighborhood built in the town/village motif with no McMansions, a lake, wide sidewalks through out, lit by old-time streetlamps, curved roads, 19th-century themed designs (especially like the garage in back and porch up front), small front yards close by the sidewalks to promote socializing – and lots of green-space.  Oh, and in the heart of a historical area – where the Bristoe Station campaign took place in the months after Gettysburg.  Best of all, right across the street is permanent green-space, woods, wetlands and the like.  Just one small detail…


We still have to build the bloomin’ house…


That starts the first week in May, and should place us in by mid-September.  Meantime it’s load the PODS


and clear out of the old homestead by the middle of next month.

So, if posting seems a bit light of late, it’s because we’ve been a wee bit busy 😉


  1. FbL


  2. SantaJim

    You couldn’t be more right. My agent (same major name brand) just sold my house in North Houston in 3 weeks, found us another place to my wife’s satisfaction. Doesn’t get much better than that. Just doing my part to keep the economy going.

  3. SSG Jeff (USAR)

    Moving in with relatives or hitting the local “extended stay” hotel? Homewood Suites by Hilton is quite nice….

  4. With all that’s in the news…you better not do light blogging!

    We need the voice of fact front and center in the UNCLAS market….

    I bet it’s getting interesting right about now…

    OTOH…building…hmmm…potential to make the prefect “library” for future writing endeavors!

  5. Andy (JADAA)

    C’mon you guys have got to have this down by now! 😀 Between ’75 – ’90, not counting 2 other moves for schooling, we moved 9 times before we “settled.” One more in ’02 and I’ve told SWMBO that the next move I make is feet first out the door!

    In all seriousness, congrats, and make sure the contractor/builders do every little thing to your satisfaction.


  6. Surfcaster

    “That starts the first week in May, and should place us in by mid-September.” Umm, yeh, right. Should.

    Good news is that your ContractorLeveragability ratio is much in your factor.

    Break a Joist

  7. Congrats or condolences as appropriate! Let’s hear more about the book when you get a chance.

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