1. SJBill

    At the close of their commercial career, these gorgeous beasts served as backup A/C for the Lockheed Electra in the Boston to Newark Easter Shuttle. Night engine starts were the best with the exhausts expelling flames.

    Some folks out at OKC have a TWA Super Connie pretty much restored. http://www.airlinehistorymuseum.com/

  2. wonderful a/c– fond memories of riding airlines during the 50’s–
    looked forward to airline flights then–far cry from using them now—
    i haven’t been on the airlines in almost a year now-=i will not use them unless it’s a “must use” case–i have a new rule–if i can drive it in 14 hours i will drive

  3. Donal Goggin

    Marvellous nostalgia

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