Not just a nugget aviator’s dream selection (or nightmare), but the latest page in the “Save the Whale” campaign:

A challenge has been issued!!! Previous donor of $3,000, Erbie Daws, has sent in another check in for $3,000 more. Erbie is from the Super Connie era and a VQ-1 veteran. His challenge to the “Jet Jockeys” (about 99% of us), the first donor that sends in $3,000 to match his, then Erbie will match that donation with another $3,000!! Those combined donations will take us up to about $29,000 remaining and get us turning the corner for the home stretch. Mr. Daws has no hours in the A-3, just a love for VQ-1 and for what we are doing in regards to 146457. As a reminder to all, this EA-3B is the last true VQ-1 EA-3B but served in both squadrons. So how about it, who’s up for the challenge?

Prospective donors, if you are so inclined, hit the link at the top right side under the Whale and make your presence known!