Came across the following while researching something else:

Have to wonder how long the formation lasted after the photographer took the shot. Talk about a range of disparity – from the B-36/B-52 bringing up the rear to the Dart and Super Sabre in lead and the transports stuck in the middle, you know there had to be a lot of muscle movements going on in all those cockpits to keep the formation(relatively) tight. Wonder what speed they were making?


  1. Andy (JADAA)

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at that briefing! 😀

    I’m guessing they flew a couple or three stepped down individual formations and had the faster ones join on the slower. When they were all in the frame they started shooting like mad…and praying!

    Thanks for finding that little gem!


  2. Definitely looks like the formation is stepped down from the relative sizes of the aircraft. I’ll bet 1Andy is right.

  3. Oops. I mean Andy.

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