6/21 UPDATE: Well — much tinkering and unsubstantiated guessing later (and no thanks to a certain host) we *think* we’ve reached a solution and in the process, deploying a new theme.  So, we’ll give it a try and see if there is any more wanking from out their way.

You undoubtedly have noticed a change in the neighborhood – at present we are trying to figure out if there are issues with WP 2.8 or the last theme (or both) that are perturbing the host.  Naturally, *their* response – “it’s third party software”

So…tinkering and swearing – not necessarily in equal portions.

…more to follow


  1. Andy (JADAA)

    Easy for you to say…;)

  2. Quality swearing this weekend like these parts haven’t seen in a while….

  3. Hehe! Dude, lighten up…it’s just 1s and ZEROs all over the place…not like it’s one of those total loss damage reports on a new E-2D you were at the yoke of when it all came apart.

    Looks good. Since Lex took the great leap forward a few weeks ago, I’m considering a change, too, but 2.8 is cool with my stuff right now.

    Besides you have really important things to work on…

  4. Then you’ll like today’s post 🙂
    – SJS

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