In a nutshell:

  • Nuclear Deterrence mission: “Back-to-basics”, increase by 2,000 number of nuclear support personel, add a 4th B-52 sqdn
  • TACAIR: Accelerate retirement of 254 F-15, F-16 and A-10 a/c, validate remaining service life of residual legacy TACAIR a/c
  • Space: Field new satellites including the Global Positioning Satellite Block IIF, Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF), and Space Based Surveillance System (SBSS)
  • Cyber-warfare: Standing-up Twenty Fourth Air Force (24AF) under Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) to better develop and integratecyberspace capabilities into the joint cyberspace structure
  • Unmanned Air Systems (UAS): FY10 PB continues major investments in unmanned aircraft to increase UAS Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) to reach goal of 50 CAPs by the end of FY11
  • State-by-state breakdown of plus-ups/decreases – with a list of all Congressmen and Senators for the affected state.

See for yourself (yes, of course – it is in PPT…):

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