No, not us.  Hopefully by the first of the year after peer review is done…

Tommy Thomason has a second volume hitting the streets this month:

Strike Cover

(hey Tommy, about the cover — with all the great “A” aircraft around, why a Hornet on the cover? Why not an A-4, A-1 or A-6? – SJS)

Yes — we have one on order and based on some of the early work we were privileged to have seen, expect this work to be every bit as good as the first:

Fighter Book Cover

which, itself, is one of our primary references.

Congrats Tommy — may your sales far exceed expectations.


  1. Thanks very much for plugging Strike and for your help with the content. With respect to the cover picture selection, that falls within the purview of the publisher, like everything else on the dust cover. I recommend, he selects. My picture was an A-7, though…

  2. Andy (JADAA)

    I’ve been enjoying the Air Superiority volume immensely; a nice, informative, yet conversational style, yet it provides a comprehensive one-volume reference. This publisher has been producing an outstanding series of similar-sized books covering an exceptionally wide range of topics on American aircraft technological developments, from WWII developments, to the proposed attack aircraft for USS United States to these two volumes. All well done, well illustrated and nicely bound.

    Of course having a Whale or Intruder on the cover would have been ever so much better…


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