*Finally*  After almost five weeks of “interfacing” with two (almost three) different internet service providers, untold numbers of hours on the phone with incompetent technicians and unhelpful customer “service” reps (don’t even get me started with the ‘survey’ requirements), we are finally back online and no longer wifi whoring a few minutes at a time at the various public establishments offering ‘free’ wifi service.  So what’s it been like on this end?  Kind of like:


. . .yeah, that pretty well hits the mark.

So, coming up – we have two posts from guest writers CINCLAX and URR as part of the Solomon Islands Campaign project, taking us back to the land side of the fight; a recap of our trip to Philly for the commissioning of the newest Burke-class DDG; a reprise of the release of the maritime strategy released two years ago this week — and some questions about its impact; and a replay of an interview with a noted Navy ace.

All coming up in the next few days as we catch up on lost time — Launch ’em!