No, not that one — this is original footage shot by John Ford and his cameramen at Midway during the attack.  This version of the classic film has been cleaned up and redone in hi-res – quite a feat considering the state of film at the time.  Be sure to watch in HD and full screen.  Some particulars from the email with the link:

When Ford viewed the rushes that he had taken at Midway — the massive explosions, the debris slamming into the camera, the spectacular raising of the flag amongst black clouds of ruin — he knew he had something special. But in a way, the material was too good — sure to be heavily redacted by the Navy as too frightful and disturbing for public consumption. So in Washington soon after the battle, the wily director secretly passed the reels to one of his young field photo editors, the former child actor Robert Parrish, and asked him to cut it down to a decent twenty-minute documentary. “Is it for the public or the OSS ?” Parrish asked.
“It’s for the mothers of America ,” Ford shot back. “It’s to let them know that we’re in a war, and that we’ve been getting the #### kicked out of us for five months, and now we’re starting to hit back.” (h/t Battle of Midway Roundtable)

And now . . . John Ford’s Battle of Midway:

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  1. Andy (JADAA)

    Very nice restoration. It begs the question on why, given the plethora of visual media transmission and dissemination now available for utilization, we see precious little telling as viscerally as this, “our” POV in the current conflicts. Is it inertia, inability to grasp the changes in how the ‘net has changed the way things are presented, a “NIH” mind-set or an creaky careerist bureacracy whose on top hamper now prevents or punishes agility? When you see folks like Yon out there telling the troops’ stories better than our own in-house organizations, you have to scratch your head, like the JO’s in the back of the Ready Room and wonder “WTF?”

    Thanks again,

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