SAOfficialLogoThere’s that Nolan Ryan autographed baseball that has continued to elude you, or perhaps a personalized copy of Jim Stavridis’ Destroyer Captain strikes your fancy. . .maybe a signed print especially made for this year’s campaign by Chris Muir of Day-by-Day is high on your ‘most desired’ list ?

These and much more are over on ebay for bid with all proceeds going to Valour-IT.  Mosey on over and take a look on a regular basis as more items are being added by the day.

In the meantime – there’s the link over there to starboard that needs a little love, so how about a visit?


  1. Hi, there…just wanted to let everyone know that I am donating a percentage of my book sales – through Veterans’ Day – to Project Valour-IT! Why not donate to this very worthwhile cause and read a great book at the same time? You can read a sample chapter on the “Sneak Peek” tab at Please help support our wounded soldiers by spreading the word! Thank you!

  2. Terrific – now how about saying something about it on your homesite, joining a team or posting the widget on your site so visitors know that’s what you are really doing?

    Because, you know, it’s so easy to just *say* that’s what you’re going to do in other’s comments pages in the hopes of steering their traffic your way and not actually contributing. That would be unethical and unbecoming in an effort like this, wouldn’t you agree?

    – SJS

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