Ok – after an intro like that, I’m sure you are scratching your collective heads and wondering what gives?

1.  Bacon:  As in Jeff Bacon – retired naval officer and cartoonist extraordinaire.  He who wields a cartoonist pen like a broad-axe, with no community being spared:

07121749ITrevolution 07020504dangerousswo-broadside-toon

Jeff joins Team Navy for this year’s competition and has a few surprises up his sleeve…


heh, heh…guess Team Marines, Army and Chairforce better standby…

2.  Swine, Pearls and ping-pong diplomacy?  Well — let’s let Jeff tell you all about it.

UncleSamjpg300And finally, a PSA — if you want to checkout another wonderful effort underway, stop by and read about The National Cartoonist Society and what they’re doing to make our troops smile!

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