The wintry apocalypse has arrived in the nation’s capitol and its environs:


(as of 1200L EDT)


49 IMG_0690

12-13″ and we’re only half-way through the event (forecast 20-24″).  Having been in NoVA/DC for previous events (12-15″ at the time) I can predict with fair certainty that Monday will be an utter mess traffic-wise.  I know I’m not going anywhere anytime soon (local news reporting several hundred motorists stranded throughout the state).

And Lex?  *Now* you can call it the frozen East…

Thank goodness for books and blu-ray 🙂


Past 20″ now.  New alert system courtesy Maggie:


  1. Yep… Used to live in West Springfield, 3 inches of the “Climate Change Dandruff” would bring DC to it’s knees! (and that was 1982 snow!) Can[t image what this is doing.

    I am so thankful to live in a city like Denver where 3 inches is a dusting, and even after a monster like you are getting now, our roads are clear for the morning commute on Monday, and our forecast for the next 5 days would be CAVU and 50’s!

    Feel for ya…


  2. Andy (JADAA)

    As I posted over on my FB account, with any luck whatsoever, DC will, in its entirety, be totally closed tomorrow and the People of the United States can have a National Snow Day, utterly free from meddling, overbearance and the usual tomfoolery that emanates from Within the Beltway. [:)]

    Go sledding, SJ. Get in a snowball fight. Make a snowman, er, person, er whatever.


  3. Got your wish Andy — Fed govt closed tomorrow…

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