…And, we’re back.

Didn’t lose power or satellite TV, but the internet went lights out about 5 hours into this weekend’s storm.

Some metrics from the storm:

  • 32″ at the homestead vs.  18″ at Reagan National (it always skews low there – must be all the hot air from up river…)
  • 14,180 ft3 of snow shoveled and blown…or at an average of 15 lbs per ft3 ~945 lbs of the stuff moved from sidewalks, alleyway, feeder road and our neighbor’s drives over the course of 12 hours Friday night – Sunday AM.  Props to Sears and a tip of the fedora to Tim “The Toolman” Taylor
  • 48 hours of continuous coverage of the storm on all four networks – of which maybe 45 minute was meaningful…

We are so ready for spring — but are expecting another 10-20″ tomorrow night and Wednesday.

Next year?  I’m thinking of a better use for ol’  Punxsutawney Phil.

(pics from washingtonpost.com because I was too ********* busy shoveling and blowing the cursed stuff)


  1. Andy (JADAA)

    Embrace the suck, my good sir. Embrace the suck…

  2. claudio

    I was actually dissapointed with my place of employment cancelling work today. (Did I just say that, I must be getting the Fever!!). cabin fever sucks. I should have gone home to florida last friday instead of this coming up fri.

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