There is a large, international organization that features the slogan “To be one, ask one”  and that is our purpose here today.  The Tailhook Association and Association of Naval Aviation are two organizations focused on  the unique aspect and specific and general needs of carrier (viz. “tailhook”) and naval aviation.  Both do heavy lifting inside the lifelines as well as informing and educating the general public on the contributions and opportunities provided by naval aviation.  As an example, here is the latest “Bullhorn” newsletter from ANA offering but one example of current/relevant news:

Bullhorn #64 8feb10

Both also publish outstanding magazines — Wings of Gold for ANA and “The Hook” by Tailhook Association.  I will confess to being a little more partial to the “Hook” primarily because of the fact there is usually a great article or two on some aspect of carrier aviation heritage (e.g., squadron histories) and some unique reports, like the one on Streetcar 313 in the latest edition.

Membership or associate memberships are open to all.  In Tailhook’s case, for regular membership the only qualifier is that you have taken one arrested landing — and that includes those who have ridden CODs.  If you are on active duty and wear wings of gold (or, I would add, have an aviation warfare qualification badge), I would encourage you to join either or both organizations.  Besides the good work they both do (see especially the Tailhook Organization’s scholarship programs and educational foundation) they also provide a fora for keeping track of shipmates and former units – something you will come to appreciate the longer you stay in the Service.

So, quick-links:

Association of Naval Aviation Membership

Tailhook Organization Membership

See you ’round the pattern!

Disclaimer: I am not employed, voluntarily or paid by either organization, though I am a proud life member of both.  I have published articles in both organization’s magazines although in each case there was no payment involved and as frequent readers know, also post on Tailhook’s blog.  This post is strictly my advocacy to join either or both of these outstanding organizations and add your voice in support of naval aviation. – SJS

Article Series - Centenary of Naval Aviation (1911-2011)

  1. Flightdeck Friday: Smoke and the Battle of Midway
  2. Flightdeck Friday: RF-8 Crusaders and BLUE MOON
  3. Flightdeck Friday: Midway POV – Wade McClusky
  4. Flightdeck Friday: 23 October 1972 and The End of Linebacker I
  5. Former VFP-62 CO and DFC Recipient, CAPT William Ecker, USN-Ret Passes Away
  6. CAPT John E. “Jack” Taylor, USN-Ret.
  7. Flightdeck Friday: USS MACON Added to National Register of Historical Places
  8. Tailhook Association and Association of Naval Aviation
  9. Flightdeck Friday: Speed and Seaplanes – The Curtiss CR-3 and R3C-2
  10. Flightdeck Friday: A Family Remembers a Father, Naval Officer and Former Vigilante B/N
  11. Out of the Box Thinking and Execution 68 Years Ago: The Doolittle Raid
  12. The ENTERPRISE Petition – A Gentle Reminder
  13. USS Enterprise (CVAN/CVN-65) At Fifty
  14. A Golden Anniversary: The Hawkeye At 50
  15. Project CADILLAC: The Beginning of AEW in the US Navy
  16. Project CADILLAC: The Beginning of AEW in the US Navy (Part II)
  17. Project CADILLAC: The Beginning of AEW in the US Navy (Part III)
  18. Reflections on the E-2 Hawkeye’s 50th Anniversary
  19. An Open Letter to “The 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation”
  20. U.S. Naval Aviation – 100 Years
  21. Doolittle’s Raiders: Last Surviving Bomber Pilot of WWII Doolittle Raid, Dies at 93
  22. More Naval Aviation Heritage Aircraft (But Still No Hawkeye)
  23. Naval Aviation Centennial: Neptune’s Atomic Trident (1950)
  24. Naval Aviation Centennial: One Astronaut, A Future Astronaut and Reaching for New Heights
  25. Flightdeck Friday Special Edition: The Space Shuttle – Thirty Years of Dreams, Sweat and Tears
  26. Flightdeck Friday – Postings from the Naval Aviation Museum
  27. Saturday Matinee: US Naval Aviation – the First 100 Years
  28. National Museum of Naval Aviation – Some Thoughts and A Call to Action
  29. Flightdeck Friday – 100 Years of Naval Aviation and the USCG
  30. Guest Post: THE U.S. NAVY’S FLEET PROBLEMS OF THE THIRTIES — A Dive Bomber Pilot’s Perspective
  31. This Date in Naval Aviaiton History: Sept 18, 1962 – Changing Designators
  32. Centennial Of Naval Aviation – The Shadow Warriors


  1. Andy (JADAA)

    Life member ‘Hook (and AOC & USNI). I’ve shied away from ANA mainly due to a feeling that they were mainly VP-oriented and during the dark days for Tailhook in ’93 – ’99, they seemed just a wee bit too eager to distance themselves from the Tailhook Association while quite cheerfully “volunteering” to take their place, if ya know what I mean. 😉



  2. Andy:

    One of the reasons we have the TR around is because ANA lobbied so hard for it (at the time some were calling it ANA’s carrier). Concur re. your observations about the dark days of the fiasco-that-shall-not-be-spoken-of, I was in in DC at ground-zero of the witch hunt and it wasn’t any fun. Still, taking the long view each has their place and fora and is generally supportive of the other.
    – SJS
    Also life member of USNI…

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