Trying to get something that presents a clean look, loads fast and provides quick access to more content.

Thoughts? Comments?  Brickbats?


  1. “Loads Fast” and “Has Javascript from 10 different sources” are kinds mutually exclusive conditions. It took me a good 5-6 seconds to load this page.

  2. Marvin

    Loaded quick for me..

  3. The site looks good. It did take about 4-5 seconds to load for me. And even though clean, I think you have to have some sort of graphic (like your E-2) for your title banner (creates good branding).

    ~ JC

  4. Shadow

    Mission accomplished, radical reduction in load time.

  5. John: Thanks and concur — that’s Job#1 for work this weekend (requires some fumbling around with Photoshop as I want to update the old banner too…)

    All: Re. load times — 4-5 secs seems like an improvement over what i have seen (and what some others) have passed about excessive load times with the prior format (+30 secs for a full load depending on browser and network). The 10 JS source is tied to the slide show at the top — right now rotating through 10 FF post/slides. Am planning on finetuning that as well — just wanted to see the capability in action first. Any thoughts on the “magazine”-type format in general as it is a bit of departure from the “traditional” blog format?

    Much appreciate the feedback!

    w/r, SJS

  6. Rich

    I’d say you succeeded in your goals.
    Personally, I didn’t care how long it took
    to load before-the content was what mattered
    and is always worth waiting for.
    Thanks for being here from a grateful fan!

  7. claudio

    I like it. Seems that the writing/descriptions on each post dissapear when I scroll past them. Pic stays on, when cursor moves away, info reappears. Like the “subject” filters at the top.


  8. Matthew

    It loaded very quick for me. However it seems that the home page is way too busy. Not very streamlined or inviting to me. The white background is a bit too bright for the bold black text in my opinion. Maybe it is the time, 0030, that I am viewing it that affects my eyes but the whole thing is just tiring. Sorry if that is not very encouraging. I know it takes quite a while to redesign a site.

  9. Andy (JADAA)

    Matthew has a point, you may want to lower the lumens on the background. The FlightDeck Friday scroll along the top is a bit confusing; it may be a place to put a possible link to Navy & Marine Corps news feeds, maybe. The text boxes along the left side need more text to hook the reader.

    Very minor quibbles, but hey, you asked. 🙂


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