If tw0’s company and three’s a conspiracy/mutiny – what about a bunch more?  Call it Milblogger 2010 . . . Made it to the morning session before having to depart for other duties in the afternoon, but in the interim joined up with Mary (USNI), ‘Phib (CDR Salamander), Taco (Sandgram), Jim Dolbow (USNI); Sgt B (Gunline), Claude B. and a grunch more.  Of what gathering would be complete without the bog princess herself, Maggie (Boston Maggie) too?  Good sessions this morning, especially the last AM session with Maj Hatch, USMC-Ret. who narrated footage he shot at Tarawa.  Great conversation at lunch – and major thanks are due to Mary for making it happen. Regrettably missed the afternoon session with CFFC himself.  All in al, decent half day — hope to make it a full one next year.

Oh, and Maggie — one word: iPad.  😀