8 Nov update: Four days left folks- let’s make it count!!

Let’s set aside the competition for a minute and talk straight to the heart of the matter. Fact is, the need is great and growing. Our wounded warriors number in the tens of thousands, the majority of which would benefit in one way or another from the solutions being offered through Valour-IT:

– Soldiers’ Angels is responding to unmet needs-specific requests of medical personnel, and are working directly with personnel to identify individual needs (such as for the laptops).
– As the military/VA are more effectively meeting the tech needs of severely wounded in-hospital, we are finding new needs that are not being met.” (DoD and VA are starting to make voice-controlled computers available in-hospital, but not necessarily when patients leave and not necessarily laptops).
– Soldier’s Angels will continue to provide voice-activated laptops to severely wounded as a priority, where needed (6-10 a month at the moment).
– Physical therapists report Wii Sports and similar programs are extremely motivational and helpful in physical therapy and are requesting support in procuring them (hardware & software).
– Personal and vehicle GPS are needed for wounded with TBI and severe PTSD-helps keep them from getting lost and disoriented when they move to more independent living after initial in-hospital recovery or after being med-boarded out.
– Soldier’s Angels will also make laptops and desktops available to severely wounded leaving the service who need them for retraining, job hunting, etc.

As great as that need is, the need for your support is greater. Before this year’s fund drive began the coffers were near empty. There is no Federal, state or other governmental or non-governmental funding for Valour-IT — you are it. At the same time, no other organization can provide the direct, undistilled benefit to those in need like Valour-IT. Yes, times are tough and the current state of the economy does little to inspire near-term confidence. And yet — and yet for say, $20, about the price for a dinner for a family of four at a fast food joint, you have already started the process. Talk to a couple of friends, convince them to pass on the high bucks coffee for a week and contribute instead and in short order, ecce, another warrior is matched with a laptop, a wii or another technological device that will significantly help them down the road to recovery.

So here, today, right now — here is something you can do to make a difference. Make a donation – $10 or a thousand. Any and all amounts are welcomed – all put to immediate and good use. Make it via a team or direct to the site, please. The time is short, the need great and your thoughtful consideration and donation welcome. And tell someone you know…

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