Folks that have been following these postings for the past half-decade have pretty well figured I’m old school about a few lot (everything if you ask the scriblets… – SJS) of things like


and firearms

Well, today was a little more old school as we took the M1 to the range for its first firing (recently acquired through CMP).  Taking position, we note the boys with toys along the line, any one of a number of weapons in the M4 fashion with any number of fancy sights and enough lights and lasers to light up downtown LA…popping away (indoor range).  First round from the M1 and it gets quiet.  Couple of more and the RSOs 10-yr old comes over and asks if that’s a real M1.  Eyes get big and a heartfelt ‘wow’ follows.  Couple more come over and stay to watch while we put a hundred rounds down range.  Great therapy for a week on the road, shoved into cramped airline seats and stuck in a windowless conference center.  Props too to CMP for an excellent weapon — will work on the sights next week or so at Quantico’s outdoor range

And we didn’t have to pick up a single brass case – the kids whisked ’em all away.  Guess there’s hope yet for this generation 🙂


  1. JEALOUS! The fine peoples’ democratic republic of New Jersey makes it very difficult to own firearms.

  2. Sounds like the first time I took my Shiloh Sharps to the range. There had been a gun show at the Kansas Coliseum that day. All kinds of 5.45s, 5.56s, 7.62s and pistol rounds ad infinitum. Then I let go a .45-70 with a 300 grain bullet. All others stopped and wandered over immediately. Good day it was.

  3. BigFred

    Same story. Took my Garand down to a friends ranch in Oklahoma to sight in. We were shooting SKS, M4 clones and pistols, and no one cared. I broke out the Garand, and people drove down to the meadow (range) to see what was going on.

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