Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words:


  1. Surfcaster


  2. Please note that in 2001 – The two carriers in the 5th Fleet AOR were USS Enterprise CVN 65, and her relief, USS Carl Vinson CVN 70.

    With all the deployments, retirements of carriers CV 63, CV 64, CV 67, commissioning of new carriers CVN 76 and CVN 77, yard periods, RCOH’s, please note this:

    10 years later – 2011 – It was USS Enterprise and USS Carl Vinson in the 5th Fleet AOR. Justice for the sailors who began the long war on terror.

  3. Wharf Rat:
    An excellent point and also a certain degree of symmetry, eh?
    w/r, SJS

  4. absolutely, incredible coincidence, and I like the symmetry word. That makes sense and all is right with the world.

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