From CNO:

  On 13 October, the Navy celebrates 236 years of enduring traditions and missions that have preserved freedom of the seas and the American way of life. As we celebrate this birthday, we can reflect on more than two centuries of warfighting excellence while serving as a global force for good. The mettle and tenacity of that fledgling fighting force endures today in the men and women serving our Navy and nation.
  Our 200 year heritage is still apparent today. As it was in 1775, our primary joint partner is the U.S. Marine Corps, and our focus is “Warfighting first.” It is what our Navy does best, and it will continue to be our priority. Similarly, we have to “Operate forward” providing our nation with critical offshore options and bringing vital security and stability to maritime crossroads around the world. Finally, as history has so often taught us, we must “Be ready” to address any challenges, many of which will be unexpected.
  Through all this, it is our Sailors’ fighting spirit that will continue to ensure our success.
  Our long and illustrious history makes clear that we can overcome any obstacle, seize any opportunity, and ultimately prevail no matter how difficult the challenges we face. As a result of unwavering contributions of every member of our Navy team – our Sailors, our civilians, our reservists, our Navy veterans, and our families at home, we are the finest maritime force the world has ever seen.
  As our birthday is celebrated around the globe, I know you will carry our proud legacy wherever you go. I cannot begin to tell you how honored and privileged I am to be your Chief of Naval Operations. Happy 236th Birthday to you and to your families.

Warfighting First. Operate Forward. Be Ready.

Best wishes this 236th to all those I have and continue to serve with — and am proud to call ‘shipmate’

w/r, SJS