Of eagles and other sundry creatures trapped in the gravity well known as “the Beltway” to honor Lex tomorrow (9 March):

1301 South Joyce Street, Arlington, VA 22202
1730 until ?
And lest there be any concern re. the Guinness – someone mentioned they were flying in an emergency re-supply:


  1. SJS-
    I’ve posted my own tribute of sorts to Lex over at my blog, and wondered if perhaps you could link to it in your earlier post.

    Thanks very much,
    -CH Dave “Padre” Harvey

  2. Triletter

    As an avid reader of both you and Lex, I will be with everyone at this event in spirit as I raise my own pint of Guinness to those rare of breed. I will greatly miss his daily log of life and wish his family all the best. I feel confident he is testing the envelope with his new set of wings! God’s speed Lex.

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