The latest to join the milbog/aviation ‘verse  is RememberedSky.com – brought to you by a former Crusader/Corsair II naval aviator with 170 combat missions in the A-7 over Vietnam while flying off the USS Midway in the 1972-73 timeframe.  Consider one of the more recent posts:

All days come from one day, as the writer, the poet, the singer  says, so without attempting to channel Ernest Hemingway, this reflects basic remembrance of the day I and a lot of young men went off to war.  For me, it meant I would spend the 11thof April at sea – my one month wedding anniversary.  I left a beautiful young woman crying on the pier.  She drove from Alameda to the Golden Gate Bridge to watch MIDWAY change her life in ways completely unexpected a month earlier in the chapel at Point Mugu.  We weren’t following closely the day-day of the war nor privy to the back channel information of impending crisis in the war in Vietnam. Things had been rather quite there since the bombing halt up North in 1968 called by President Johnson after the Tet Offensive...

Looking forward to many more good reads over there — be sure to check it out (we’ve added it to the blogroll under “Naval Aviation”).