BREAKING NEWS…Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Ray Mabus has just announced that the next Ford Class Carrier, CVN-80 will be named USS Enterprise during his speech at the inactivation ceremony for CVN-65. Long live the name Enterprise!

The USS Enterprise (CVN 65) is slated for decommissioning tomorrow in a ceremony at NOB Norfolk, bringing to close a half-century of service to this country around the globe. She was (is) a one-of-a-kind ship and for all of us who have stood watch and flown from her deck, we count that time as something special – my last trap and flight in an E-2C Hawkeye as CO of VAW-122 was on Enterprise, and the first chapter of the next phase of my Navy career began on her bridge a scant four months later. I’ve thought long and hard about making the trip down to Norfolk for the ceremony, but having been a part of too many squadron and ship decoms already (and witnessing one of those ships being slowly cut to pieces by the ship breakers), it frankly would have been too painful.

I choose instead to remember Big E in her heyday – deck packed with Sailors and warbirds, a bone in her teeth and course set for the distant horizon.  Ave atque vale Enterprise, ave atque vale


  1. JIMC5499

    She was the first carrier I ever saw. I was in boot camp in San Diego going across the bridge to Camp Nimitz when she was pulling in to North Island. A few weeks later when I was with HS-10 I went on board for ships visitation. Then a month later I went out on her for a four day Det with HS-10.

  2. Thanks SJS. This ship is family for me as well via my oldest daughter and youngest son-in-law.

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