Quick overview of why the protests in #Ukraine today- (Source: Radio Free Europe)

— Until late November, President Viktor Yanukovych had said he intended to sign a pact with Europe, but backed out after pressure from Moscow. He also refused to allow former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to leave prison for medical care in Germany — a key European demand.
— Early on November 30, riot police broke up a protest encampment in Kyiv’s Independence Square. Video showed police using batons and tear gas and Yanukovych said he was “deeply outraged” by the use of force. European and American officials also condemned the violence.
— Some 10,000 protesters regrouped later in the day, gathering in Kyiv’s Mikhailovska Square.
— The opposition is calling for early elections, a general strike to begin on December 2, and the impeachment and resignation of Yanukovych.
— The protest movement is being called “Euromaidan” (евромайдан), in reference to Kyiv’s Independence Square.