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Strategic Communications and the Senkaku Islands

So – a very good discussion on Midrats yesterday that included a look at China’s maritime claims in the ECS/SCS and regional responses – which of late have seen a ratcheting up of forces in the area.  In the wake of that discussion, I came across the illustration below:   
of a cover for a magazine highlighting the J-31 light(er) weight stealth fighter prototype. Now, one expects prototypes to be posed in a variety of action settings that provide at tleast the illusion of capabiltiy. But there was something else (well two actually) that caught my eye.  The first (circled) is the presence of the Liaoning, the PLA Navy’s first carrier.  China was very careful to emphasize to other nations in the region that the mission of the CV was directed towards training and exploring flight operations at sea – in a purely “defensive” manner.  Recently that mask has slipped a bit as senior officials allowed as how it might have a more prominent combat role.

But there was something else — the islands in the background seemed familiar and of course, voila:


Behold the Senkaku islands – the locus of heightened activity between the militaries and civilian maritime administration fleets of China and Japan (among others).  Nothing like including a pretty clear image of territory under dipute  and defended by your new carrier and stealth fighter/bomber (incidently, launching an ASCM — looks like a C704) to signal intent now is there? Reminds me of something similar a few years back… oh yeah:

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China’s Navy – Working on that Strategic Communications Concept

Hard on the heels of the announcement naming the floating casino aircraft carrier after a Ming dynasty admiral who conquered Taiwan, comes word that the naval jack is, well, just not big or bright enough:

To match the bigger role that the PLA Navy is playing in international waters, all its vessels will receive bigger, brighter naval ensigns by the end of next year, the People’s Liberation Army Daily reported yesterday. Experts say the flag upgrade is symbolic of the PLA Navy’s development into an international-standard blue-water force after more than two years of involvement in anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden.

Chinese officials found that compared with Western warships, the flags on PLA Navy ships were small, drab and failed to impress.

The real message:

“The flag change is not only part of the PLA’s modernisation, but also indicates its determination to be a sea power, because all its new standards have been learned from Western maritime powers like the US.”

Watching and learning; watching and learning…

China’s Military Power – 2009 Report

asbm-china-internetThose dinosaurs amongst us remember them from another age – the ghostly lines that arced out from the geopolitical heartland of the Soviet Union.  Head east from Norfolk or west from Pearl or San Diego and you’d trip the first one, established by the orbiting EORSAT and RORSATs, pricking interest in command centers back in Moscow and the various military districts.  Trip another and you gained a fellow traveler – be it an AGI disguised as a trawler, an AGI disguised as an AGI, or an SSGN with a load of heavy, long range ASCMs.  Trip another and the long-range assets would reach-out from their northern bases to find you.  Trip yet another and the AGI was replaced with something a little more sinister – Mod Kashin, Krivak, or Sovremenny.  Get real close to the tender vittles, and you had a lot of company letting you know they knew you were there and that they weren’t happy about it.  Do it all in EMCON and the paranoia on the other side of the Iron Curtain jumped perceptibly.

But that’s all in the past, right?

Study the illustration below – all of you entering flight school this spring, headed off to basic training, at Great Lakes, SWOS D-head school, SSN PCO school; this is your future to deal with, to engage and overcome:


Start here to learn more…Read and heed.