Not to worry — Flightdeck Friday will be up, just a wee bit later than normal (like maybe this weekend?) whilst yon not-so-patient scribe wrestles with yet another undocumented feature from the seventh circle of hades, otherwise known as Micro$oft and their late$t flaming dart inflicted on the masses – Vi$ta.  We are so looking into a Mac Powerbook Pro.  Seriously….

Rants aside, here’s a hint of what will be up for Flightdeck Friday this weekend, provided the missing driver(s) are found – (again)….


  1. We are so looking into a Mac Powerbook Pro. Seriously…

    Me, as well. Not so much because of Vista (I’m still on XP), but because the current box just turned three. I usually replace the ‘puter every three years or so (a “best practice” hold-over from my IT days) and it’s about time. Friends who have Vista aren’t at ALL satisfied and have horror stories coming out of their ears. Those Apple ads…the Mac vs. PC ones…aren’t helping, either. Or maybe they are.

  2. Fred

    XP will be supported for some time. There is a service pack 3 in the works. Linux is coming along as a useable (i.e. by human beings) system that comes installed from Dell and others.

    That there are viable non Microsoft alternatives may be enough incentive for Microsoft to continue support of XP. Nobody wanted Vista except Microsoft.

  3. EdT

    My wife just got one (MacBook) after fussing with Windows for years. She’ll never go back. First thing she did was remove the M$ demo software so she has a “microsoft free environment”. She also has a blog, and fought with Windoze for a long time to get things posted. Since she moved to the Mac she can get it done it 10-15 mins. The next laptop I buy is a Mac for sure! It’s faster, smoother, better graphics, software is actually a bit cheaper too. It just WORKS.

  4. Steeljawscribe

    Fred – thanks, but FWIW have had similar experiences with XP (and Win 2K, WinNT, 98, …) been a M$ user all the way back to the OS- wars in the early 80’s and frankly I’ve had it. Sort of like owning an old Brit roadster and fiddling with the stupid carbs – after awhile, you ask yourself why bother with the practice bleeding?

  5. Vista! Hah! Would imply and uninterrupted view. I recently acquired a new laptop with Vista loaded. I too am thinking about sinking a couple thousand more into a Mac! Way to go Mico-Super-Soft.


  6. JohnnyNet

    I have 2 copies of Vista and I am refusing to update my XP machines. My new laptop has Vista and I would probably reinstall XP if I could find all the right drivers (I haven’t).

    Oh, and I’m a 12 year systems guy with Novell, M$, Linux, MAC OSX OS/NOSs. I can run & use Vista but I really don’t like the friction of running Vista. With that said, I can do far more with XP than I care to do on a MAC.

  7. For those who have crossed over, can you take all your “stuff” with you or do you have to start from scratch? I must admit the marketing they do at the Apple store (personal shopping assistant, one to one training, etc.) beats the Geek Squad hands down. Kind of like learning a new language though!

  8. sid

    I have 2 copies of Vista and I am refusing to update my XP machines. My new laptop has Vista and I would probably reinstall XP if I could find all the right drivers (I haven’t).

    I am SLEPing my antique ME runnin’-and sometime during the course of an online session stumblin’-Celeron HP with more memory, XP, and an external drive (kinda reminds me of a FRAMed Dealey).

    Hey, it ain’t the speediest or sexiest, but it should get me to the internet until Microsoft gets over their cranial constipation with Vista.

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