Been a rough few for our AF comrades in arms and while we well remember all the grief we received when the tables were turned back in ’92-93 we note with interest the items below passed our way earlier today.  Couple of bullets caught our eye – things like:

“…build a balanced force for the future – no litmus tests”

“If Navy is the Gold Standard, we will emulate” (referring to the nuclear issues)

“Enhance AF support to Joint operations Force with a specific emphasis on air-ground integration and ISR”

“Ground forces have primacy in this fight”

“Not limited to what we like doing, what we’re good at or where it fits our rhythm as a Service”

“Never unzip your zipper in public”

“You will deal with politics…but you must remain apolitical…now and in retirement”

“We will be devastating on poor performers and personal misconduct”

Interesting when juxtaposed with this itemPhib highlighted today.  But then, when you’re cut from a different bolt of cloth, and especially one the likes of this, perhaps the enclosed shouldn’t be so surprising.

” ‘Everyone contributes’ – no one has greater value to our collective mission than another”

Interesting that there wasn’t any CAC-enforced rectal temperature taking/finger in the wind poll-taking on this one.


CSAF Guidance

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  1. Wow. A powerpoint that is quick and to the point. Not a heck of a lot of jargon, either. It was almost in English. Good start.

  2. Thanks for putting this up, SJS. I had seen some people reference the slides but couldn’t find them anywhere.

    I’m cautiously optimistic. I like what was said, we’ll see if he (and Sec Donley) are able to get a handle on the careening out of control 18 wheeler that is the current USAF.

  3. Interestingly enough… I received an e-mail from the Air Force Association two whole days after you posted this, SJS, that said (in part):

    Finally, I came across a power point slide briefing listing Gen Schwartz’s priorities. After a number of retired officers sent it to me … and the Washington Post called asking for comments, I decided to put it on our website.

    Which should teach me to come around more often, eh? 😉

  4. Steeljawscribe


    True, very true 🙂

    Now, about that “first on the scene/kick down the door” force, funny it should show up on a Navy-centric site before AFA’s ownsite… 😎
    – SJS

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