So, here we were, half-watching the football game while sorting through the pile of magazines that had accumulated during the last few months while we were doing 18-hour days.  Now that the pressure was off at work, SWMBO had dictated either we take care of the pile or she would – and Draconian doesn’t begin to cover it…

Anyway – while looking through the GM 100th anniversary issue in Autoweek, a photo in the section on GM in China caught our eye:

(Image from Autoweek)

(Hmm, where’ve we seen that background before…)

No, it wasn’t for the Caddy – as bullnav knows we bleed Ford blue… Rather, it was the venue for the “launch,” the ex-Russian Navy Minsk, now the centerpiece of a Chinese theme park, not-so surprisingly named “Minsk World):

Using an ex-Russian carrier (which, BTW, comes not long after publicly announcing your intentions to jump into the fixed-wing naval aviation game – so much for the casino meme…) to launch a new Caddy in recognition of GM’s long-time standing in China (via Buick).

So, interesting times, eh?