Combine AIS1 with the web and what do you get?  How about an ability to track a ship, live, from anywhere you have access to a computer and the web?  One such site is here: Live Ships Map.  An example of what you can do is demonstrated below:

Sure could have used it in any one of a number of SSC/ASUW evolutions…or OUTLAW SHARK.  Also portends much for Maritime Domain Awareness and and that enhanced, networked capability that a globally dispersed fleet is going to need to help sort the goats from the sheep…


1 Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) technology relies upon global navigational positioning systems, shipboard sensors, and digital VHF radio communication equipment operating according to standardized digital communication protocols that permit the voiceless exchange of navigation information between vessels and shore-side vessel traffic centers. The information is continually updated in near real-time and received by all AIS-equipped ships and shore stations in its vicinity. More on AIS here

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  1. claudio

    Another awesome example of open source information available to both the warfighter and analysts. There is a plethora of them, however, my concern is becoming overly dependent on them. When the proverbial refuse hits the fan, and suddenly either the bandwith or the site is not available, with no back up plans, we’re SOL.

  2. Very cool! Nice find.

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