As promised we have a couple of announcements that will impact the frequency of posts here over the coming year.

Naval Institute Blog:  We were asked to join a panel consisting of several other bloggers – some we knew and served with on active duty, others from milblogs and other venues since, that will be posting at a new, maritime-centric blog over at the Naval Institute.  Naturally we said ‘yes’ you’ll find the blog here.

Book project: We have also joined a multi-author effort for a text tentatively titled “Securing Freedom in the Global Commons.”  Our part is to write the chapter on missile defense.  More details will follow as possible, but there is an aggressive writing schedule that, perforce,  will co-opt more of our time.  Additionally, we may have to scale back our postings on missile defense during that effort to avoid any  potential conflicts of interest; we’ll see.  The prospect is exciting and hopefully will inform our individual effort on a much more ambitious project we’ve been examining these last few months.

So what, dear reader, might you expect as a result?  While frequency of posts may drop some (say every other day vice every day), we’ll keep up the regular features (Flightdeck Fridays, Reflections, the MIA return series, etc.) and most assuredly will keep up the drumbeat on the maritime strategy and NOC (whenever it is finally released).  In fact, the intent on the Naval Institute blog is to follow the model of milblogs — short, to the point articles that will, when necessary, wrap back to here for extended analyses and discussion, exactly the sort of CONOPS the MarStrat and NOC, for example, require.