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1.3 billion – The number of email users worldwide.
210 billion – The number of emails sent per day in 2008.
70% – The percentage of emails that are spam.
53.8 trillion – The number of spam emails sent in 2008 (assuming 70% are spam).

Internet users

1,463,632,361 – The number of Internet users worldwide (June 2008).
578,538,257 – Internet users in Asia.
384,633,765 – Internet users in Europe.
248,241,969 – Internet users in North America.  (“Hello, Senator — about the infrastructure part of the National Pork Recovery Act, I have a suggestion or two…”)
139,009,209 – Internet users in Latin America/Caribbean.
51,065,630 – Internet users in Africa.
41,939,200 – Internet users in the Middle East.
20,204,331 – Internet users in Oceania/Australia.

Internet Users


133 million– The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by Technorati).
900,000 – The number of new blog posts in a day.
329 million – The number of blog posts in 2008.


10 billion– Photos hosted by Facebook (October 2008). (ed: to put in perspective, if all those images were printed as 3×5 pics, they could be lined up end-to-end from the center of the Earth to the center of the Moon three times with enough left over to get back to the vicinity of the space station in low Earth orbit. – SJS) 

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  1. Wonder how much of that 10 billion images are porn? I’ll bet it’s over 66%

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