It has come to our attention that certain DoD agencies have instituted blocking software that blocks this site and several other milbloggers from being viewed in the workplace. Amongst the casualties of this policy are Eagle1, Far East Cynic, Boston Maggie, Black Five and OP-For.

Sites that are generally  DoD friendly(yes, including Skippy).

Sites, some of whose owners (including your humble scribe) are part of the DoD sponsored Bloggers Roundtable for pity’s sake…

Fortunately, some other notables, not named here for obvious reasons are still available.  Sites aren’t being blocked because of their hosting source (as has been the case in the past with the Army and AF vs, for example).  What is especially egregious – and hence the title of this post, is this COA was instituted presumably to prevent users in the .mil domain from accessing sites deemed “non-productive.”  So will someone *please* explain to us just how DailyKos, Huffingtonpost and others of that ilk *are* productive because they sure aren’t blocked.

Oh yes — the other reason the blocking software was instituted — too many users accessing pr0n on the ‘net.  Guess what – even with the new software, more users than ever are downloading pr0n at one agency that has instituted this policy.

Arbitrary and capricious indeed…but we have a plan.


  1. Is there a test to figure this out?

  2. As far as I know you either have to be at the affected agency or have someone there tell you. BTW – you’re slimed too, welcome to the pool…
    – SJS

  3. C’mon Scribe, name names! I’ve got it mind to call my Congressman and ask him why the military is blocking useful, professional information sources while allowing the KosKiddies free reign.

  4. A proud citizen, banned by President Obama’s Administration for…well, thinking that the 1st Amendment actually applied to me!

    Happy to give credit where credit is due.

  5. John

    Within the last 2 weeks it has become more and more difficult to access conservative websites from military internet sites. I was stunned when I was blocked from multiple news and info sites because SmartFilter classifies them as “Streaming News” or “Personal” websites, yet I had no trouble surfing to DK and HuffPo. Call me crazy, but I smell deliberate censorship of websites critical to the current Marxist-in-Chief.

  6. John:
    Wonder how long before the other milblog notables are also swept up…
    – SJS

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