Continuing the missile defense theme from the stand-up of the NAMDC, offered here is a new trailer for the Heritage Foundation film on the need for missile defense:


  1. virfgil xenophon

    Couldn’t help but notice on your comments over at the NI blog about passing an old Nike site every day. One of my 1st cousins (WP’43) commanded the Army Nike Ajax/Hercules site on San Pablo Ridge overlooking SF, CA in 1960 as an Army LTC, made O-6 out of it. Of course all that went away and the sealed site is now part of a Nat. Park with tours–and under the gaze of covetous real-estate interests.

    Now we talk of upgrading/reconstituting the whole concept everybody once said was obsolete. Everything old is new again…

  2. virgil xenophon

    LOL Had to post again just so the computer would remember the correct spelling of my nom de plume.

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